The Lost Explorer - Tim Walker / Patrick McGrath

Reviewed by Michelle Gimblett

This beautiful Te Neues publication could be mistaken for a coffee table book, in fact I'd happily have it on my coffee table.  The short story and accompanying photography are a companion piece to a short film of the same name - The Lost Explorer - released at film festivals around the world. For the Youtube preview click here.

The original short story by Patrick McGrath that inspired Tim Walker's first film is a dark adventure about 12 year old Evelyn who finds a delirious lost explorer of the Congo in her garden.  Be warned this isn't a children's story but more of an adult's exploration of childhood imaginings. 

Cinema and theatre buffs will enjoy this beautiful book, which contains stunning set photography (Tim Walker is a renown Vogue photographer) and fascinating script notes.  As a former script writer I found the last few pages of original annotated script a neat addition.

The Lost Explorer is both magical and fantastical - a very unique book that would make a stunning gift.

The Lost Explorer
Tim Walker
Published 2011, Te Neues
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